CBSE Results 2017

CBSE results 2017 will be announced in the Month of May of the year 2017. CBSE exams are conducted for both 12th standard and 10th standard, though for the 10th standard most students opt for a cumulative assessment. For 12th std students, the CBSE exams are called the board examinations and are important for all the students. It is the basis for students to gain admission into various colleges and undergo collegiate education.

CBSE board results of 2017 for 12 standard students will be of utmost importance for those 12th students who have joined 12th this academic year. The CBSE exam result 2017 will be a major event which will decide their collegiate future. 12 std students across the country studying in schools which are affiliated to the CBSE board will be giving the CBSE examinations. Thousands of schools across the country are attached to the CBSE board and will be coaching their students, keeping the CBSE exams in mind.

CBSE board results 2017 will be announced for all the subjects for which the CBSE Board conducts its examinations. The most common ones include English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, Hind, and Biotechnology. CBSE board results will also be viewed most for these subjects as the number of exam takers in these subjects will be high.

CBSE exam results of 2017 will be published on the CBSE website. All students can log in and type in their roll numbers to view their results. Generally, the CBSE exam result for 2017 for 12th standard will get announced in the first week of May. This is to keep in line with the trend of all the state boards announcing their 12th std results during that time. The CBSE exam result for 10th standard is likely to be announced in the third or fourth week of May. Since there is no specific date for the announcement of results, we cannot speak about the exact date on which CBSE exam results 2017 will be announced.

CBSE exams 2017 will be conducted during the month of March in various centres across the country. All the students affiliated to the board will be giving the exams. After a month long of examinations, the answer key would be prepared and discussed. Experienced teachers and school principals will deliberate and finalize on the answer key points for all the papers. Every subject has three sets of papers being distributed. So every exam paper will have three keys apart for students who gave the exam within the country. Similarly, three sets of question paper are created for students who give exams in schools located abroad. Answer keys are prepared for all of these.

Before the announcement of CBSE board results of 2017, the key will be given to the selected evaluators who will evaluate in a blindfold manner. This means that the student’s name or roll number will not be known to the person evaluating the paper. This helps in maintaining an honest approach to correction without any mal practises. Once all the papers are evaluated, the next step before the publication of the CBSE exams results of 2017 is uploading them online and matching them with the roll numbers. After due diligence is carried out to ensure that the correct marks have been uploaded online, a testing takes place.

During this phase, public announcements through various medium are done to intimate the public about the day of publication of the CBSE board results 2017. Leading English and Vernacular papers, apart from many online websites carry the information on the dates in which the CBSE exam results of 2017 will get published. The time of publication of the results is also announced along with the date.

On the stipulated day, CBSE board exam results 2017 will be published on the CBSE website. Students can login to view their scores. In case of discrepancies in marks, they can apply for re-totalling or re-evaluation by going to the CBSE office. Schools will also receive a copy of the published CBSE exam results of 2017 within 2-3 days of the online publication of the results. Students can go to school to get the mark sheets of the CBSE exam results of 2017.

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