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What if I fail in one subject in CBSE 10th exam 2020 ?

What if I fail in one subject in CBSE 10th exam 2020?

Exam failures can be devastating experiences. But there is always a ray of hope. Look forward to the next step and don’t rest until you overcome the failure. In case of CBSE class X examination, failed students get an opportunity to clear the failed subjects by means of compartment exam, without having to repeat the same class. But it is subject to the following conditions.
  • You can be placed in compartment only for two subjects. In other words, if you have failed in one or two subjects, then you are eligible to write the compartment examination for the failed subjects.
  • If you have flunked three or more subjects, you are not eligible for compartment and you will have to rewrite all the subjects of class X in the upcoming year’s main board exam.
  •  You should have passed internal assessment in order to be placed in compartment for that particular subject
A student has 3 attempts of compartment exam. First one is usually in July/August immediately after the results of March main exam are out. Second one comes in March of the next year and third in the subsequent July/August month. If a student fails to clear the flunked subjects in all the three attempts, he/she has to retake class X again. For the year 2020, the timeline is yet to be released by the board

Students who have failed practicals of a subject are required to rewrite both theory and practical of that subject, without regarding whether they passed or failed in the theory component.

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