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What if I fail in one subject in CBSE XII exams 2020 ?

What if I fail in one subject in CBSE XII exams ?

Failure is inevitably the stepping stone to success. Don’t you worry if you fail your exam. Rather, focus on the next appropriate step to win over the failure. A student has 5 main subjects and an optional 6th subject for the CBSE XII examination.

So, now there are two categories of students 1) Students who write exam for 5 main subjects 2) Students who write exam for 6 subjects, including the additional optional subject.

When you fall in the first category, and if you fail in any one out of the five subjects, then your result is ‘fail’ and you will be placed in compartment for the failed subject. You will have to appear for the compartment exam to clear the failed subject.

Whereas for the second category, when you fail in one out of the six subjects, your result is still ‘pass’. CBSE has this ‘best of five’ rule, in which the failed or least scored subject marks is not considered for aggregate percentage calculation. But each subject’s marks is displayed in the marksheet. You can still appear for compartment exam for the failed subject, under improvement category. In case of failing 2 subjects, you ought to to write any one of the two failed subjects, in order to pass your XII class.

A student has 3 attempts for the compartment exam.
  • Attempt 1- July month immediately after March main exam results
  • Attempt 2- Next year March
  • Attempt 3- Next year July

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