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Why CBSE Is Better Than State Boards ?

Why CBSE Is Better Than State Boards ?

There are plenty of dilemmas and confusions in parenthood, but giving the best education is one that can have a huge effect on the future of the child. The biggest headache for parents when their child hits four years old is to find a good school. Choosing the right school and the right board of education is very important as it defines how high your child progresses in life.

Opting the state board or CBSE is a never-ending debate topic among the Indian crowd. There are two huge divisions of crowds when it comes to the opinion of this particular subject. However, the CBSE board stands a step higher when compared to the state board for giving a better education. Keep reading to know why CBSE Is Better Than State Boards.

  • The CBSE education will make it easier for the students to pursue future studies from a centralized institution like an IIT or AIIMS. 
  • CBSE conducts the prelims of these institutions, and hence it will be easier for the students who are educated from CBSE board to appear for the entrance exams. This has always been the most significant advantage of the CBSE over state and ICSE boards.  
  • CBSE is more student-friendly. The course structure is made to ensure that that student won't face huge pressure during the studies. 
  • CBSE employs an interactive study for the students by including exciting activities in the chapters to make the overall process of knowledge transfer an effective and wholesome one. 
  • CBSE textbooks are constructed in a way that the students understand everything, unlike the state textbooks with heavy doses of details and facts. 
  • The course will ensure that the students will actually learn from the entire process. The exam questions will test how much the students understand the subject and therefore mug up is not possible. 
  • Very few students fail in CBSE exams, and the results are favourable as well.
  • CBSE promotes the overall physical and mental growth of the students by encouraging them to participate in sports. It also teaches the students to be great citizens of the country and to be great humans. 
  • Flexibility is another advantage of the CBSE board curriculum. The board allows students to pick their area of interest without any compulsion. 
  • They can also choose the language they want to study and their subject interest at each stage. 
  • The CBSE course is updated more often when compared to the state syllabus.

These are the advantages of the CBSE board, but finally, it is your choice to opt for the best one for your child. This board or school is not the only factor that determines the future of your kid. Some successful individuals got education from the state board. It all depends on the child's capability and potential. However, if you ask us which board is better for the education of the students, among state and CBSE, then we will say it is CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

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